Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s Next Mobile Release

Nintendo have officially named the series that will be making its own leap into the grand and potentially unforgiving realm of mobile gaming and while he may already be running and jumping, Mario’s kart-racing shenanigans will be getting its own iteration in the form of Mario Kart Tour. But that’s all we know for the moment, aside from the fact that it’s currently in development and that Nintendo plan to release it before the end of the fiscal year, March 2019.

It’s unclear, among many things, whether the game will be free-to-play or in fact be priced prior to purchasing. Previous mobile releases a la Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes were built as free-to-play systems with the former limiting the amount of content players have access to until they went ahead and bought the full release. Nintendo has thus far had mixed fortune on their mobile front with Animal Crossing and the soon-to-be closed Miitomo completing the company’s small-but-growing portfolio of titles.