Terahard Studios Clawing Their Way to Consoles, PC This Spring

UK-based developer Terahard Studios are the latest studio to enter the fray that is the ever-popular 2D beat ’em up sub-genre — that has given us everything from Castle Crashers to Mother Russia Bleeds to name but recent entries — with their latest game, Claws of Furry. In this ninja-stylised 2D beat’em up platformer, players take on the role of one of four feline characters as they battle their way through fifty levels spread across four environments.

With a focus on co-operative play, the game will of course incorporate an element of roguelike mechanics in its own stand-alone mode, alongside an Arena mode and allowing you to turn down the difficulty — incorporate additional and easier-to-reach checkpoints — should things get a little too hairy along the way. Claws of Furry will be coming to Xbox One, Switch & PC this Spring. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below.