Typoman is Heading to Nintendo Switch

Brainseed Factory’s charming and rather imaginative puzzle-platformer Typoman is making its way onto Nintendo Switch in the form of its later-released Revised edition. Typoman: Revised — following its original release on Wii U in November 2015 — which released for PS4, Xbox One & PC, but strangely did not see a follow-up Wii U iteration, originally aimed to fix some of the original’s niggling performance and gameplay issues which ultimately ended with a game that, though entertaining and engaging in parts, did fall a way’s short of being a recommendation for many platforming enthusiasts.

Wales Interactive will be on publishing duty for the game’s Switch version. Here’s hoping the Revised edition finds a home on Nintendo’s newest platform when it launches on February 22. For those not in the know and want to know why Brainseed’s interesting mechanic was one to follow originally, you can check out the game’s Switch trailer below to get a feel for how the game’s word-spelling mechanic feeds into its puzzle-solving.