Sony Confirm PS4 Has Shipped More Than 75 Million Units

With all the talk on the Switch and their local — and biggest — rivals’ own continuing success on their latest console, it’s easy to forget that Sony, still, aren’t doing too bad themselves with the PS4. And in their latest quarterly financial results, they announced that the PS4 has now shipped more than 75 million units globally — around 76.3 million to be precise with a sell-through, as of January 8, standing at around 73 million consoles in total. While this was down slightly by 700,000 compared with the same quarter twelve months prior, the figures are still nonetheless impressive for what will, this year, be the PS4’s fifth anniversary since its release in November 2013.

As a result, Sony maintain their prediction to sell roughly 19 million PS4’s by the fiscal year’s end on March 31, which if met, would have the PS4 stand at a total of 80 million units sold — just a few million shy of the PS3’s life-time sales at roughly 83 million. And quite a few more million short of the PS2’s whopping 155 million total. Perhaps it’s too early to say how close the PS4 will get to the PS2 in terms of sales, but needless to say Sony’s current-gen system remains as popular on a global level as it’s always been.