Amanita Announces March 7 Release Date For Quirky Adventure Game Chuchel

Adventure game fans should be quite familiar with the work of Amanita Design, the developers of such acclaimed titles as Machinarium, Botanicula, and the Samorost games. And now fans of the developer won’t have to wait long to check out their latest big project, as it was announced that they would be releasing their new point-and-click adventure game Chuchel on March 7, as seen in the trailer that you can check out below.

This time around, the developers are working with a more straightforward comedy adventure, following the journeys of the titular Chuchel as he attempts to retrieve a prized cherry from various surreal situations while facing off against his rival, Kekel. Once again supporting the type of unique visual style Amanita is known for, Chuchel looks to hopefully delight when it comes out in March for the PC.