Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4 Overview

The penultimate week in Stage one of the Overwatch League has officially wrapped and it was a doozie. There were upsets, but a lot of the dust is settling at the same time. We’re starting to see what teams are contenders for the championship, while everyone seems to be getting into their own grooves. So here’s a look at what went down.

Week 4 started out on Wednesday, January 31 with the LA Valiant going up against the Philadelphia Fusion. The Valiant swept the Fusion with a 4-0 game. Then, the Florida Mayhem took a loss to the LA Gladiators, with a score of 1-3. The Houston Outlaws rounded out the evening with a game against the San Francisco Shock, taking them down 3-1.

Thursday started with the Philadelphia Fusion making a comeback, taking out the Dallas Fuel in a 4-0 sweep, followed by two more 4-0 sweeps from the NY Excelsior and the London Spitfire, who took on the Shanghai Dragons and the Seoul Dynasty respectively. The Spitfire vs. Dynasty match was particularly interesting, since they were the top two teams in the league. London currently holds the top spot.

San Francisco started Friday out with a 4-0 sweep against the Florida Mayhem. The Seoul Dynasty then had a close win against the Houston Outlaws. The LA Gladiators finished out the night with a surprising loss against the Boston Uprising with a 0-4 score.

Today’s matches went on throughout the afternoon, which started with the last place Shanghai Dragons and the first place London Spitfire. The match ended 0-4. The Dallas Fuel then went up against the New York Excelsior and took a 1-3 loss. And the last match of the night, probably the biggest upset, had the Boston Uprising winning 4-0 against the LA Valiant.

Next week is the final week in Stage one. The rankings for Stage one will be taken into account when deciding playoff matchups. For all things to do with the Overwatch League, keep it here at Hardcore Gamer.