Screenshot Saturday Featuring Slasher’s Keep, Hellscreen, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is all Saturdays forever, rain or shine,  health or sickness.  Admitted, the latter state means the intro is super-short.  There were too many great games on display to show them all so this is a selection of the most entertaining of the lot in no particular order.

Aftertile-  The ghostly life isn’t quite what it was supposed to be so Ghosty Ghost is going to be so incredibly helpful that it will have to improve.  The original game jam version had Ghosty flying through a spiked maze and phasing through walls, and it should be fun to see how this updated version integrates the shrine maidens.

Scalak-  3D jigsaw puzzle.  While this level stays put, others need you to rotate the base around to fit the pieces into place.  In all the puzzles shown so far the pieces come in the correct orientation, but there’s a lot of room for evilness if that changes later on.

Tiny Tires-  It’s like Penny Racers except smaller, maybe ha’penny racers.  It’s hard to see in this version but the Youtube post of this clip shows clearly that the pad of paper says “VROOM!” right above the arrow for maximum cute.

Hellscreen-  It’s a bit early to have a full rundown on this yet but the pending February 27 should fill in the details.  Old-school FPS in black and greenish-blue and red, with everything so far pointing to arena-style maps and freaky-weird enemies.

Hell is Other Demons- Arcade platformer/shooter in four colors.  Shoot, stomp, and dash through waves of demons while keeping a paranoid eye on staying as damage-free as possible, because clearing a wave untouched earns a lovely new weapon that’s probably going to be more useful than the starting gun, but no guarantees.

Shape of the World-  Go for a lovely walk in an ever-changing hypercolorful nature that reacts to your presence by springing to life around you.  As opposed to actual nature, which is no less colorful in its way but doesn’t much care what you do so long as you aren’t actively harming it.

Life of Sundura-  Follow the life of a small fish-creature in a giant alien environment from birth to death, and then rebirth again.  The hummingbird above is one of the many creatures living in a giant, dying world, glowing with nectar-energy as it feeds off a convenient plant.

Remnants of Naezith- Would you like to swing past a spike, fly through hallways rather than hike? Would you like not to swim with the pike, or would you rather be a scrub?

Late For Work- Play as a giant gorilla using the town to wreak havoc, or a friend trying to survive the rampage and take the gorilla down in a couch co-op/competitive party game. There’s also a bit of weirdness kicking around in the backgrounds because once you start building a town it’s hard to know where to stop.

Rifter- Dash, swing, and slice through levels at top speed, and mind the occasional boss along the way.  The white circles are grapple points while the green lines are for dashing through, and you’ll need both to tackle the giant red worm-beast.  Demo at

What the Golf- Golf is not your friend and there’s no point in pretending otherwise. What the Golf treats this game of frustration and grassy walks with the respect it deserves, so if you find yourself putting a diver off a diving board or throwing the golfer down the fairway there’s a logical reason for it. The logic is “why not?”, which may actually be more justification than reason.

Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb- 3D sequel to the manliest sport ever. Climb to the top hand over hand and freeze stiff and rigid so the next musclebound meathead can grab on to your rock-hard manliness as a stepping stone to ever greater heights.

Noita- When every pixel is potentially reactive you need to be careful with magic to avoid getting radioactive toes. Maybe it’s a small price to pay to fry the zombie on the lower level, or maybe the zombie is going to become a supervillain.  Radioactivity is tricky stuff in a fantasy scenario.

Pepper Grinder- A small-ish girl (Pepper) with a large drill (Grinder) bores through levels in search of treasure and other goodies. While she’s usually on the move sometimes it’s good to get a little perspective and watch the world and it’s bald blue giants amble by.

Slasher’s Keep-  First-person dungeon crawl where slamming a door on a charging enemy knocks it on its butt and the sound effect when taking advantage of the stun is not onomatpoeiacally accurate.

Bonus Image

Make Sail- When rigging goes bad the horrors can go beyond mortal comprehension.  She seems none the worse for wear despite the damage her design inflicts on the viewer trying to figure out which bits were supposed to go where.