New MLB The Show 18 Gameplay Trailer Has a Surprise For Fans

The next entry in the MLB The Show series is just over a month away now, so it only makes sense that Sony would want to show-off the polish they’ve put into this latest version of their premier baseball series. Most of the trailer focuses on how the fields look and how the individual players are animated, but there were a couple of features highlighted towards the end. Specifically, it looks like a quick-time event has been introduced for throwing between bases and the crowd has been given new behavior routines like the seventh-inning stretch to follow.

MLB The Show fans who didn’t watch the trailer above should take the opportunity to do so now, lest they spoil the surprise. For those who did watch it or don’t particularly care, it looks like Babe Ruth will be joining the Yankees roster in this iteration of the game.

MLB The Show 18 will launch for the PS4 on March 27. Check out our review for MLB The Show 17 to see if it’s the baseball every fan should want to play.