Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #1: Valus

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Welcome to your first Colossus of the game. He is a bipedal giant who doesn’t really have any attacks, so you’ll immediately feel bad slaying it. This is essentially a tutorial boss, getting you used to the controls, so there’s not too much to it.


  1. It doesn’t matter if you grab Valus’ attention, the first thing you need to do is jump onto the back of its left leg.
  2. There will be a crack on the calf, so poke it and watch the titan fall to its knees.
  3. This will give you the ability to climb a little higher onto a platform, which is immediately followed up by another platform.
  4. Valus will start to try and shake you off (although nowhere near as some of the other Colossi) but make your way up to its shoulders.
  5. Once here, head straight to its head and plunge your trusty blade into Valus’ skull (which sounds pretty twisted, but will happen quite often in the game).
  6. Do this a few of times with a fully powered up stab and the first Colossus will fall


  1. If you’re playing on Hard, at around 75%, the crest on top of Valus’ head will disappear.
  2. At this point, all you need to do is go down the right shoulder and arm and find the final crest and deplete the beast’s remaining health.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Left Calf Immobilization
 Top of Head  100%  75%
Back of Right Bicep  N/A  25%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
2:30 2:45