Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #10: Dirge

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One of the more creative bosses, Dirge will not only test your archery skills, but your ability to ride the occasionally defiant Agro. It may take a little while to find the place as it’s located on the west side of the map, but if you find a path going downwards, you’re going in the right direction.


  1. Getting into this fight, be sure to keep Agro moving at breakneck speed. It’s a big open area so, so long as you turn now and then, you don’t really have to keep your eyes forward.
  2. Dirge will consistently trail you, so turn around and put an arrow in one of its gigantic eyes.
  3. It will go out of control and hit the nearest wall. Get off of Agro and there will be a sigil halfway up its back.
  4. You should be able to deplete its health on your first go around. When you’re bucked off, immediately get back onto Agro and start racing around as Dirge will take a second to respawn.
  5. If you do end up getting hit by Dirge, it will take a good chunk of your health, so be weary.
  6. Shoot Dirge in its eye once more and this time climb all the way up to its head.
  7. Even on hard you should be able to kill it on this second attempt, otherwise just repeat this process until it falls.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Eyes (2) Immobilization
Lower Back 50%
Upper Back 50%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
5:30 4:30