Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #11: Celosia

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We have our first small sized Colossi! Celosia is so small you could ride him if you had the chance. He’s also the first to be fully armored and require a specific way to get rid of it. Because of this, though, it’s also very fast and can hit hard. Like the last four Colossi, Celosia also has the same number of weak spots on Normal and Hard difficulty.


  1. When you get control of the Wanderer, quickly go right or left (doesn’t really matter which) and in-between the wall and the large light pedestal.
  2. Celosia won’t be able to get you here, but you need to climb the pedestal.
  3. Once up here, the dog will charge and smash into the pedestal, knocking down a stick.
  4. Jump down and grab it, and then go back up to the flame and light the stick.
  5. Go down and move the stick in front of Celosia. He will move backwards, and your goal is to walk him off the edge opposite of where you started in the room.
  6. Be warned, Celosia will swipe at you time to time, so don’t get too close.
  7. Celosia will lose his armor and the only sigil will be vulnerable on its back. At this point you have two ways to try and complete this fight.
  8. You can either agro it back to where you are and have it slam into the pedestal again, allowing you to jump on its back with ease, or you can jump down and try to hop on its back while level with him. The problem with the latter option is that it requires some luck getting enough height to grab on.
  9. Once you’re on, you will need to do half-charged up swings because Celosia likes to move around and try to shake you off at an incredibly fast rate.
  10. You may fall off a couple times but just repeat 8 until he’s dead.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Back 100%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
4:30 4:15