Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #12: Pelagia

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A personal favorite, Pelagia is a mix of land and water, with puzzle solving involving both line of sight and controlling the Colossus’ movements. This four legged beast likes to swim around in the water, but will emerge given the right circumstances.


  1. Immediately jump into the water and hug your way around Pelgaia on the right side. It will constantly turn to try and gain line of sight.
  2. When you reach its back, grab onto its fur and climb up on its back and onto its head. This is where things get tricky.
  3. Pelagia has teeth on its head, and striking it will cause the beast to move in that direction. Try not to fall off, though, as striking one will cause you to flop around the top, and there are gaps between the teeth.
  4. Thus, direct the Colossus to a platform, and when you’re near, jump off and quickly get behind the indent in the middle as Pelagia will try to shoot you with his long ranged attack.
  5. Hide behind this for a few seconds until Pelagia brings two of its feet up onto the platform.
  6. You will see its belly at this point, so jump onto it and get a couple of stabs in before it submerges.
  7. Pelagia will then destroy the platform, so you will only have two left.
  8. It shouldn’t be too difficult to finish him off (on normal) on the second platform, but fortunately there’s a third if you need it.
  9. Just repeat this technique until it’s dead as the stomach is the only weak point in both normal and hard difficulties.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Stomach 100%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
8:30 9:30