Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #15: Argus

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Here is one of the more creative bosses in Shadow of the Colossus, not from a design perspective, but mechanically. You will need to bait Argus multiple times to properly take him on. It also has been a while, but Argus is the first Colossus since Barba (the sixth fight) that has an extra weak point on Hard difficulty.


  1. Turn around and look to the right. You should notice a ledge that falls off. Head down to where the ledge is smaller than the rest.
  2. Stand under the ledge and bait Argus to try and step on you. Instead, he will lift the floor you’re standing on so you can jump up and grab onto the ledge.
  3. Pull yourself up and then go between the pillars and start shooting Argus with arrows to bait him to take a swing at you with his dagger.
  4. Duck under this and Argus will break down some pillars, revealing a way upwards.
  5. Climb up and look to the right where you should see a set of stairs up. Jump over to the stairs and go onto the bridge above the Colossus.
  6. He should take a swing and break the bridge, so be prepared, or you can quickly jump onto his head/back if you are given a chance beforehand.
  7. Head over to its head and start putting your blade to the test with the first sigil.
  8. After this is depleted, move down the back of Argus’ right arm where you should see a place to put your blade, but it only drops his weapon. ***
  9. Drop down and bait Argus once more, and this time he’ll try to crush you with his right hand. Dodge and quickly jump into his palm where the final sigil will be.


  1. *** If you’re playing hard mode, don’t drop down in instruction 9, but instead go around to Argus’ left shoulder and climb down its chest.
  2. Here you will find an extra sigil that needs to be taken care of, and it actually has a lot of health, so you might want to watch your stamina.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
 Top of Head 85% 42.5%
Back of Right Bicep Drops Weapon
Palm of Right Hand 15% 15%
Left Chest  N/A 42.5%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
7:30 10:00