Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #2: Quadratus

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Down in the caverns near the lake you will find your second opponent. Quadratus walks on all fours and for whatever reason has been waiting for a reason to bust through his gate.


  1. It will probably be better to get off of Agro, but pull out your bow and aim at Quadratus’ feet.
  2. Below its hoofs there will be opportunities to bring down the beast temporarily.
  3. After finally connecting with a well-timed shot, make your way to one of the back legs and begin to climb the fur near its knees.
  4. Climb all the way up and make your way to the head where your first weak point is located.
  5. After diminishing the health here (50% on normal, 33% on hard), head to the opposite side of Quadratus.
  6. Stab the poor creature in the rear a couple of times (with very few attempts to sway you off), a and it will fall.


  1. On Hard difficulty, there’s an extra weak point found on the beast’s left side, just below his armor.
  2. It will probably be a good idea to climb from the rear, so make sure your grip is maxed out before heading out.
  3. It will take a couple of few shots on hard, so be prepared to maneuver back to the rear to regain some stamina.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Below Hoofs Immobilization
 Top of Head  50% 33%
Rear 50% 33%
Left Upper Stomach  N/A  33%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
3:30 4:30