Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #5: Avion

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Our first flying creature, and it puts up one heck of an entertaining fight. Avion is a bird-like Colossus with three different weak points, which alternatively, is the first to share the same amount in Normal and Hard modes.


  1. First thing you have to do is drop down into the water and jump onto a platform. Preference is on the middle one.
  2. Take out your bow and arrow and fire one at Avion; it won’t like this and come swooping down at you.
  3. As it’s coming towards you, you should take note that it has hair that can be grabbed, on what I’m going to equate as the shoulders.
  4. When it gets near you, aim, jump and grab onto the flying being, all while climbing up to a more stable position.
  5. Which side of Avion you end up doesn’t matter; head to the end of one of the wings to find a somewhat weak symbol (hold on as Avion will flap its wings hard).
  6. After you quickly deplete that weak point, head to the other wing to find another.
  7. The final weak spot is easy as it’s located at the end of Avion’s tail.
  8. This has the most health so it will take a little bit of time as the Colossus will continuously try to buck you off.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
End of Right Wing 60%
End of Left Wing 20%
End of Tail 20%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
5:00 4:15