Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #6: Barba

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Barba will take a little time to get to as you have to pass through the forest west of the Shrine. Once you get there, you will need to climb down a wall only for Barba will casually open his door. It sets a good ton of how this fight will initially play out.


  1. Run as fast as you can and climb over the three different walls in front of you as Barba breaks them down.
  2. Hide at the end between some columns and Barba will peek down looking for you.
  3. Quickly run out and grab onto the aggressive Colossus’ shaggy beard and begin to climb.
  4. When you reach its shoulder, go to its head to reveal the first sigil that needs to be stabbed.
  5. After depleting that source of health, head back onto Barba’s shoulders and climb down its back, specifically the left side.
  6. Here you will find the second symbol so stab away. Watch out for Barba to try and shake you off, though, as there’s no good way to recover your stamina once you move down here.


  1. After depleting the two weak spots, jump off – trust me, it will make things a lot easier.
  2. Go hide once again, and once Barba ducks down to look for you, instead of jumping into his bushy beard, jump onto the top of its right hand.
  3. Here will be the last remaining spot to poke with your sword. Down comes the giant.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
 Top of Head 50% 33%
Left Back 50% 33%
Back of Left Hand  N/A 33%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
3:30 6:00