Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #7: Hydrus

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Not only is Hydrus our first serpent creature, but it’s our first real water battle. Sure, you had to take a dip in Avion’s fight at the beginning, but this fight will see you actually submerging into dark waters. Be prepared to let go at times. Similar to Avion, Normal and Hard difficulties share the same weak points.


  1. As you’re swimming, position yourself in a more open area. Hydrus will come to you.
  2. As he locks on, he won’t try to bite you, but instead use one of his three sources of electricity on its back to zap you. Really, you can take a lot, so don’t worry too much about these shocks.
  3. After the third rod comes out of the water, position yourself where it was, hold R2 to go underwater and you should grab onto its tail. It may take a couple of attempts.
  4. After getting on, make your way forward, but be weary of where he goes underwater, as the slightest amount of water can push you off if you’re not holding onto its fur.
  5. As you move up, stab the cracks in front of each rod to extinguish the electricity’s power.
  6. If you’re fast enough you should be able to get all three in one go.
  7. Hydrus will then dive deep into the water, which is indicated by the music. Get off immediately so you’re not pulled down.
  8. Repeat the first three steps again and move all the way to Hydrus’ head and repeatedly stab him in the head until he’s nothing but a plume of smoke.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Below Electrical Spines (3) 40%
Top of Head 60%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
9:00 7:30