Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #8: Kuromori

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We’ve had eels, we’ve had birds, we’ve had deer; now we have a lizard. This creature is able to climb walls, but is susceptible to falling, so get your bow ready. Like Hydrus and Avion, Kuromori has only two weak points in both Normal and Hard difficulties.


  1. Climb a few stories down until you’ve reached the third floor from where Kuromori is located.
  2. You should see a decayed part of the coliseum; head to the left away from the gap, maybe two or three steel bared windows, and get the lizard’s attention by either whistling or shooting an arrow at it.
  3. Head back to the open area and equip your bow. Kuromori will begin to climb the wall, but you will notice its feet are glowing.
  4. Shoot two of its legs (both on one side), and try to make sure it doesn’t get off its gas attack, because that will deplete your health if you stand in it.
  5. When both legs are damage, it will fall. Jump down quickly (you won’t sustain much damage), and roll up on its belly where there will be two sigils.
  6. The further Kuromori falls, the more time you will have, so get to work, and when it flips around, head to the staircase back up and repeat this again.
  7. On normal, you should be able to complete this in two attempts. On hard you might need an extra go around to finish it off.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Feet Immobilization
Lower Belly 50%
Upper Belly 50%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
6:00 7:00