Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #9: Basaran

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Off to an area you most likely haven’t seen before, one that is clouded in steam. Basaran is another quadruped, but much bigger than anything we’ve seen, as it’s basically a walking fortress. Be wary of its attacks because it’s able to blast you from afar.


  1. This enemy is much like Quadratus, with glowing marks on the bottom of its hoofs, but the only problem they’re well-guarded.
  2. The geysers are the key, so lure the Basaran over one of the few water sprouts and watch him go into the air almost hilariously. The hit detection on this is still pretty sensitive, so it might take a couple adjustments.
  3. This is your opportunity to get under it and shoot two of its feet (namely the ones still planted.
  4. At this point Basaran will fall, so immediately circle around where and fell and grab onto the only hairy part on the beast.
  5. This also can be tricky because you’re technically grabbing the stomach, so you need to climb you way up fast and be weary of where you are.
  6. When you get up, swing onto the main path up the spine of Basaran’s back. He will continuously try to shake you off, and it may be worrisome because there’s nothing to grab onto, but really he shouldn’t have enough strength to throw you off if you’re running right down the middle.
  7. The one and only sigil (both on hard and normal) is located at the top of its head, so plunge your blade in there a couple of times and you’ve taken down this gargantuan being.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
Bottom of Foot Immobilization
Top of Head 100%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
5:30 4:45