Sony Reveals Redesigned Gold Wireless Headset

The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset has been redesigned and will be available real soon.

The Gold Wireless Headset has been Sony’s recommended headset for the PS4 for years. Designed for gaming, the headset was a affordable option, and came with a few PlayStation specific goodies via the Headset Companion app on PS4. Well, after years on the market, the headset has received a redesign.

The new Gold Wireless Headset features a new design that’s slimmer with improvedĀ over-ear cushions to make it even more comfortable. The headset outputĀ  high-quality 7.1 virtual surround sound within compatible games, and the augmented noise-cancelling microphones make communicating with friends real easy.

An included 3.5mm audio cable gives users more flexibility with their Gold Wireless Headset. With the cable, users can use it with their mobile device and the PlayStation VR. The Headset Companion app remains compatible, allowing players to load custom audio modes to enhance the audio in select games.

The Gold Wireless Headset will set you back $99.99 and hits store shelves in the next few weeks.