Two Heads Are Better Than One in Debris Co-Op Campaign

Debris’ surreal world of strange creatures and abyssal depths sealed underneath the arctic is back with a new co-operative campaign. Instead of trying to solve Debris’ puzzles and navigate its aquatic world with NPCs in tow, players will soon be able to experience it all with a friend.

According to the game’s developer, Moonray Studios, Debris’ co-op mode is one in which the player’s partner really matters. One player has a light and the ability to illuminate their surroundings. The other player has a gun and is able to hear what’s happening around them. Both players will have to work in concert in order to make it to the end. Some of the game’s other notable features include full movement along eight axes, simplified resource management tied to power reserves and multiple endings that depend on key choices made by the players.

Debris’ co-operative mode will launch for PC and Mac on February 26. The single player version is currently available on Steam.