Terra Feminarum Gets Release Date, Trailer, Bullets by the Warehouseful

There may be a limit to the amount of bullets that can fit on a screen at once but with modern screen technology it’s getting harder to reach all the time.  Terra Feminarum is a bullet-curtain shooter that’s not content unless it’s pushing through the idea of what’s possible, fitting thousands of projectiles on screen at once in a vertical shooter that’s as much about creating ridiculously complex patterns of firepower as it is dodging.  The demo came out in early January and got some attention at itch.io, and now it’s been updated to v.2 in preparation for the game’s release at the end of the month.  Terra Feminarum launches on Kelevala’s Day, February 28, because the game is made in Finland and based on Finnish folklore, even though the rest of the game’s influences are Japanese.  It’s probably worth noting that the video below, while it may seem impossible for regular mortals to navigate, looks like it was played on one of the top difficulties.  Check out the v.2 demo if you haven’t had a crack at the game yet and you’ll see that it’s a bit more reasonable when played at normal skill.