16-Bit Platforming Throwback Fox n Forests to Come Out This Spring

Nearly a year and a half since it was first greenlit on Steam and succeeded in its Kickstarter campaign, Bonus Level Entertainment are now set to release their old-school platformer Fox n Forests soon. An ode to 16-bit classics such as Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts and Wonder Boy in Monster World, the tale of Rick the fox and his journey to defeat an evil force that threatens the woodlands (and his journey to score some gold as a reward) is now set to be told this Spring, with a new trailer that you can check out below.

While the opening bit may be a tad cheesy (when are we not remembering 16-bit in indie gaming these days, after all?), the clip gets right down to business, showcasing some amazing gameplay, sights, and sounds that feel straight out of 1994, and making sure to show off the season-changing gameplay (courtesy of Rick’s magic crossbow) and classic action that will hopefully lead this title to success. Fox n Forests is due out this Spring for PC, PS4, Switch, and XB1, and is definitely one for all retro enthusiasts to keep an eye on.