Flipping Death to Flip Out This Spring With a Physical Edition

It’s been almost a year now since Zoink Games first revealed Flipping Death, their follow-up and spiritual successor to Stick It to The Man! that has impressed us so far, and now a major announcement regarding the game reveals a release window finally in sight. Rising Star Games will now be helping to publish physical editions of the game for the Switch and PS4, which are set to come out this Spring for retail on the same date as the digital versions.

Taking place in the small town of Flatwood Peaks, you play as Penny, a recently-deceased woman who has to take over for a vacationing grim reaper, assisting various souls in the afterlife by solving several puzzles while also trying to learn about Penny’s own demise. The physical edition will include two collector cards drawn by Zoink Games as well, providing character bios and codes to unlock in-game collectable cards as well. Flipping Death is set to come out on multiple platforms, but only the Switch and PS4 version have their retail editions set to come out this Spring right now, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.