Grapple Force Rena Gets Playable Demo on Steam

We covered Grapple Force Rena when it was first announced, and today, GalaxyTrail has given its fans something special. While the game itself still won’t be out until the fall, a free playable demo was just launched via the game’s Steam page. It has the same core content as the original web demo did – but now has controller support, so it’s much easier to use. GalaxyTrail’s pedigree thanks to Freedom Planet and its sequel’s own demo shows that they are serious about releasing high-quality content, and it looks like GFR will follow suit when it is finally released. If you enjoy side-scrolling platformers with a touch of Bionic Commando, definitely give the demo a shot.

The core game gives you platforming to rely on, but does place major gaps in the world to allow you use your grapple line on and move around. Beyond that, the line is your primary means of defending yourself against enemies. They can be grabbed and either thrown in the air to avoid them for a while, into a wall or the ground to damage them, or into one another for a nice, quick kill. It’s a very rewarding system and one that allows you to start by learning it and then eventually work on mastering the timing of everything so you’re efficient and sending an entire row of goons to their doom quickly. Having five full levels playable for free is outstanding and allows the game to build up a fair amount of goodwill with its playerbase before its release this fall.