Six Nintendo Switch Games to be Unveiled by tinyBuild Tomorrow

Trustee publishers of the smaller, niche but most certainly intriguing titles, tinyBuild, have announced today — almost last-minute — that they will be unveiling six games coming to the Switch. CEO of tinyBuild,¬†Alex Nichiporchik, has boasted the developer/publisher is “going all in on Switch” but hasn’t indicated or given any clues as to what these games might be. It’s not confirmed whether these are brand new titles, currently-scheduled upcoming releases or in fact readily-available titles already that are making their way to Nintendo’s platform.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the latter is the case as there’ve been a fair few independent releases already in the console’s [less than] first year on the market that’ve made the transition to Switch in some manner. As you might expect, the community is already speculating titles such as the much-discussed Hello Neighbour could likely be showing up. The publisher has already released the likes of Mr Shifty on Switch, but six games clearly shows tinyBuild’s confidence with the platform. You can catch the event in which these games will be announced over on the company’s YouTube, Twitch & Facebook accounts. The livestream commences tomorrow at 10AM PST.