Slasher’s Keep Delves Into Early Access

Dungeons are dark and deep, crawling with monsters, and generally unpleasant.  You’d think it would make sense to avoid them but adventurers keep ending up in the heart of giant subterranean complexes, fighting their way out, time after time after time.  “Oh no, I was thrown in here against my will!”  For the seventh time this week?  Just admit it’s a fetish, ok?  The hero in Slasher’s Keep has been tossed into a dungeon to rot away forever and, after a bit of experimenting, broken out of his cell.  In an architectural twist the dungeon is actually a tower rather than corridors hollowed out from the earth, but the usual death-traps line hallways filled with unfriendly residents, and both want a piece of you.  With a well-timed swing of the loot-sack, though, you can feed the monster to a trap, clearing two threats with a single bash.  Whether you choose to wander through the keep’s roguelike hallways in permadeath mode or with a save enabled it’s going to be a challenge to get out in one piece, albeit a toon-shaded one rather than a super-serious grimdark trek.  Of course, if you do manage to bring the adventurer to safety he’ll probably end up back in a cell in short order.  It’s just a thing adventurers do and it’s probably best not to judge.

Slasher’s Keep was released today onto Steam Early Access.  The current plan is to stay there five to seven months adding new content such as rooms and items, but the core gameplay is basically complete.