Utada Debuts Kingdom Hearts III Theme Song “Don’t Think Twice”

Utada Hikaru returns to the Kingdom Hearts franchise with a brand new theme song for Kingdom Hearts III.

International supestar Utada Hikaru is well-known among the Kingdom Hearts fanbase. She provided the theme songs Simple and Clean/Hikari (Kingdom Hearts) and Sanctuary/Passion (Kingdom Hearts II). However, since then, her involvement with the franchise had been minimal. All games released since II utilized the old theme songs. For Kingdom Hearts III, however, she’s back with a brand new theme song.

‘Don’t Think Twice’ is Kingdom Hearts III’s theme song. Square Enix released a trailer for it alongside the Monsters, Inc reveal trailer. Like Sanctuary, Don’t Think Twice is a slower song packed with emotion. The trailer is mostly comprised of old gameplay footage, but the end does feature some new goodies. We get a look at Riku and King Mickey’s new outfits, and a reveal that Riku’s Keyblade is broken.

Kingdom Hearts III is out sometime in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One.