Roguemance to Woo Roguelike Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Proving once again that the indie scene plays host to all sorts of unique mash-ups, Brazilian developer Lucas Molina has been working on Roguemance, a strategy RPG that mixes in roguelike elements with that of a dating simulator, where every battle is a date as you fight alongside your potential lover. And appropriately enough, the game will becoming out very soon on Valentine’s Day, with a new trailer to accompany the release that you can check out below.

Set on the Heartipelago and featuring areas along the lines the Love Dungeon or Morning Woods where you fight enemies such as literal blue balls, the game certainly has a cute sense of humor to go along with its super-deformed retro art style. Throw in a massive amount of procedurally generated companions/potential partners, and you may very well have a potential winner on your hands. Roguemance comes out on February 14 for PC, so if you need something appropriate to play for the holiday, here’s your chance.