Screenshot Saturday Featuring Etherborn, Moons of Darsalon, Many More

Screenshot Saturday comes every week and the results are both predictable and unexpected.  The normal part is developers showing off their latest work, while the surprising bit is just how many new things to see each week brings with it.  Anyone with the technical skills and hardware can make a game, and while the Steam new release page frequently shows the down side of this, ignoring things one doesn’t care about (see also tv listings, bookstores, any collection of media in the history of mankind) is a small price to pay for all the amazing games that wouldn’t have been made otherwise.  This feature cherry-picks the week for a selection of the best images based primarily on how cool they look, knocking it down to a dozen plus a bonus.  Most of images move and they won’t start up without help, so give them a click and make sure to see everything they’ve got to offer.

Swarmlake-  Score-rush FPS where there can be up to 10,000 enemies on screen at once.  Admitted, they aren’t particularly graphically complicated, but when there are 10,000 things trying to kill you they probably don’t need to be particularly sophisticated.

HomeMake-  Explore a beautiful, ever-changing city that exists on the inside of a sphere, wandering slightly lost but figuring it out as you go while transferring your mind from one avatar to another.  This particular robot bears more than a little resemblance to the one in FLCL, which is no coincidence.  Kickstarter backers have had access to the game for a while, and while there was consideration of opening the build up around the holidays that hasn’t happened yet.  Eventually, and hopefully soon…?

The Universim-  Develop a little world from the stone age to space and beyond, although at the moment the pre-Early Access version is still working its way past the medieval era.  It’s been slowly and steadily moving forward since the Kickstarter back in 2014, and the cute little planets are as adorable now as they were way back then but now even greener and fluffier.

Hang Line-  This is not how mountain climbing is supposed to work.  Grapple up a snowy cliff face while being careful to avoid the falling boulders that also act as convenient anchor spots right up until they try to crush you.  Mountain goats will try to butt you off the mountain, and cougars are even less polite.  Maybe a nice, sunny hillside stroll would be more refreshing.

Backbone-  A raccoon detective investigates a Vancouver that’s equal parts Blade Runner and The Big Sleep.  There’s not a lot of info on this other than that it’s a noir adventure, but the atmosphere of the single scene shown so far is perfect.

My Friend Pedro-  Pedro is a talking banana giving out missions that can only be solved with guns and the occasional item-kick to the head.  Playing basketball only using feet might as well be soccer, although it would be even more low-scoring unless it was played by ultra-nimble assassins.  Which, I have to admit, would be the best sport ever.

Terrorhythm-  Beat up the baddies to the rhythm as they swarm in from either side of the screen like a musical One Finger Death Punch.  If you’re going to kill hundreds of authoritarian silence-enforcers it’s best done grooving to a driving techno beat.

Devader-  Combination twin-stick shooter and tower defense, where the aliens are attacking a giant green hexagon-city in the center of the screen and you get to run all around it blasting everything and setting up defenses.  For as little good those defenses will do against anything with that many legs, that is.

Moons of Darsalon-  Save the space-colonists any way you can in a Commodore 64-style 50s-sci-fi run & gun adventure.  Shoot the aliens with the laser, build bridges with the earth-gun, and try to resist dropping the colonists off a cliff after they laugh when you take damage.  There’s a great little demo on, although for some reason it’s linked to Google Drive rather than being a direct download.

Etherborn-  Puzzle-platformer where gravity is more helpful than normal, letting you redefine “down” as necessary if you can sort out the path to the new surface.  The see-through woman is chasing after a voice, but reaching it will require figuring out the environment and how it all fits together.

Desolus-  One dimension is purple and the other orange, and while they’re superficially identical it’s the differences that are both problem and solution.  This particular shot is just gently waving grass with the portal connecting worlds being slightly out of frame, but still a technical feat in its own right.  Toss in energy spheres that transmit the features of one world into another and you’ll appreciate the moments you can just soak in the scenery rather than break your brain over multidimensional spacial awareness.

Kill the Superweapon-  Twin-stick 3D action shooter in the style of a PS1 game where a superweapon is coming to life in a test chamber somewhere in the complex.  When it wakes up, it’s tracking you down, and it probably won’t stay asleep long enough to find the batteries to power up your gun.  Demo at, although an old one without gamepad support.

Bonus Image-

Tube-  Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone who’s ever taken a heart to the face and ended up a pile of smoldering wreckage, but restarted the race anyway.