40 Winks Could Get Physical N64 Release Thanks to Kickstarter

The N64 was a huge platform for 3D platformers, and in 1998, work began on 40 Winks to be added to its lineup. The game featured two protagonists and did see a PlayStation release – but its N64 release was cancelled when the publishing rights went awry. The game itself has been playable via a released ROM a few years back, but now, Piko Interactive has released a Kickstarter for a physical release of the N64 version along with a PC version of the game. The Kickstarter’s goal is to hit $20,000, which will cover the release of the N64 version. They will be able to make a PCB that works with N64 carts, and make packaging and inserts. Two versions of the N64 version will be made. The regular edition includes a cart, box, insert, and manual. The SE includes all of that plus a poster, a pog, and a special edition cardboard box and insert. Stretch goals include a 40 Winks controller if they get to $60,000. Tiers are quite reasonable, with $8 gettiing you a Steam copy of the game, while $44 gets you an early bird price on the N64 version’s regular edition.