Overwatch Gets a Free Weekend Starting Friday

Blizzard is putting on a free weekend event this weekend that will let players download and play Overwatch for free.

Free players will have access to all 26 heroes, which are playable in the Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade modes on all 17 maps. Leveling up, loot boxes and character customization will all be available as well. Any progress made on any of these fronts will be kept if they decide to buy the game.

The free weekend will be available on all platforms that Overwatch is available on — PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. To download the trial version of the game on PC, you’ll have to download Blizzard’s Battle.net desktop app and then download the game from within the launcher. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the trial version of Overwatch can be found in each of the platforms’ respective stores.

A look at the image above will show you when the free weekend will pop off in your time zone.

For more on Overwatch’s free weekend, you can check out the official announcement and FAQ on Blizzard’s website.