Alto’s Odyssey Boards Onto iOS Devices on February 22

Released in 2015, Alto’s Adventure was an acclaimed and artistic mobile game that showed a lot of people how one can elevate an endless runner to something greater. And now, almost exactly three years after Alto set out on his board to bring back some escaped llamas while performing amazing tricks at high speeds, he’s back for Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel which is coming out later this month and is accompanied by a trailer that you can check out below.

Much like Mario, Alto is heading out on an odyssey this time around, complete with a desert world as well that sees out hero switching to sandboarding as they swiftly surf over dunes, jump over chasms, and even explore some ruins. As seen in the trailer, the colorful landscapes are back with a variety of weather effects, and we even have a new twist in what appears to be some form of wall grinding. Indeed, it looks like it be another excellent runner on the way again, so keep an eye out for Alto’s Odyssey when it hits iOS devices on February 22 (no word on an Android version yet).