Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], Final Fantasy Record Keeper To Hold Several Crossover Events

At D23 Expo 2018 in Japan, Square-Enix and DeNA announced that Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] and Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be holding limited-time crossover events to both games over the next several weeks. Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] will feature four separate events and offer new costumes for players to collect over the course of the crossover period. These events include:

  • Collaboration Multiplayer Battle (February 23 – March 9): Players will be able to fight a  unique Heartless boss inspired by a FINAL FANTASY villain.
  • Raid Battle (March 5 – March 11): This raid event brings another special Heartless to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS.
  • “Super Difficult” Battle Challenge (March 7 – March 9): Players looking for a more challenging fight will be invited to test their skills against a new and powerful Heartless.
  • FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Gauntlet Challenge (February 22 – March 8): Players who complete all 20 stages in this limited-time event will  receive numerous rewards and help all FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper players obtain in-game login bonuses.
  • Final Fantasy Avatar Parts and Event Exclusive Pixel Medals: Throughout the event period, players will be able to collect new Final Fantasy-themed costume parts for their characters and obtain other exclusive items.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper will only be hosting one Kingdom Hearts-themed event called “Key to Another World.” Running from February 22 to March 8, this event will give players access to several new dungeons and the following rewards:

  • Two New Playable Characters: Players will unlock Sora and Riku after completing the “Destiny Islands – Seashore” dungeon.
  • New Outfits: Players can unlock costume records for Tyro, Squall (Leon) and Cloud by completing other event dungeons.

Fans of these games also have a chance to prepare for these events by playing a Gummi Ship minigame on a website made specifically for this event. In this simple bullet-hell shooter game, players drag their gummi ship across the screen shooting Heartless ships for points and pick-ups. There are global point milestones that will award all players of both mobile games with login rewards if reached. At the time of this writing, all milestones have indeed been achieved and players of these games can look forward to rewards ranging from simple consumables to “Moogle Medals” and “Mythril.” The trailer for these events can be seen below:

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] and Final Fantasy Record Keeper are currently available on both iOS and Android devices.