BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia Now Available in English

French publishing house Third Editions is proud to announce that their book BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia is now available for the first time in English. This hardcover book is available for purchase from the Third Editions website, and it is written for the most devoted fans of BioShock. BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia chronicles the development of the beloved BioShock video games with various anecdotes detailing the process as well as discussing the links to real world history and mythology while delving into the interweaving narrative across the three games and examining BioShock’s inspirations and legacy.

BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia is the latest Third Editions title to receive an English translation, following other books that focus on Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Dark Souls. These books are designed to be companion pieces to the games they cover, offering a wealth of information about each title but doing so with a personal touch that fans of the series can appreciate. As seen in the image below the cover features attractive artwork reminiscent of the game and looks sophisticated enough to be proudly displayed with any book collection.