Deep Rock Galactic Enters Early Access on February 28

When we took a look at Deep Rock Galactic last year, we commented on how it was a clever mix of first-person shooting and mining for various resources. And now we won’t have to wait long to check it all out again, as Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Ghost Ship Games’ title will be entering Early Access at the end of this month (as revealed in the trailer below), where the game can continue to develop with help from the community.

Taking control as one of four classes of dwarven miners in deep space, the game sees you attempting to dig for precious gems on the most hostile planet of all, Hoxxes IV. This involves heading through a countless amount of procedually generated caves filled with enemy aliens, where proper teamwork is the key to success as each player uses their own unique skills. Deep Rock Galactic comes out on February 28 for PC via Early Access and Xbox One via Game Preview, so fans of unique shooters may want to mark the date.