Extinction Highlights Story and Features in New Trailer

Leading up to its soon-approaching release in April and following up on the video from a couple of months ago showcasing some of the skills and strategy in the game, Extinction has another new trailer for it out now, with developers Iron Galaxy again discussing the elements behind their upcoming game. This time around, they go over bit of the game’s story and features, which you can naturally check out in the video below.

The story (featuring what looks like some 2D artwork and animated cutscenes) centers around Avil, the last of the Sentinels devoted to defending their people from the Ravenii, ogres that are over a hundred feet tall and that threaten a world where war is already commonplace. The clip shows off the different combat styles, techniques and moves that will be used to fight them and other monsters off, as well as Avil having to build up energy for the decisive kill strike by completing various missions, which they have to juggle alongside other objectives as the huge beasts loom on the horizon. Extinction is coming out on April 10 for PS4, XB1, and PC, and looks to hopefully provide some rather intense action.