Ten Remasters Nintendo Switch Needs

Almost one year in the bag and the Nintendo Switch is a runaway success. We still don’t know what the future holds, but due to its incredible achievements, and coming off the devastating Wii U, more and more publishers are jumping over. Because of this, we’re getting far more remasters. Love them or hate them, remasters are a concept that will stay so long as they sell, and considering how dedicated Nintendo fans are, they could do incredibly well on the console/handheld hybrid. With Bayonetta 1+2 coming out soon (or out depending when you read this), Dark Souls in May and Hyrule Warriors in a few months, we thought about what other games deserve to be remastered or brought over.

There are a number of factors that come into actually deciding which games will end up on the list. For starters, they have to be somewhat believable, so we’re not going to list games like Red Dead Redemption or Yakuza because the likelihood of them coming to Switch is near zero. Another factor is that, while they don’t need to be exclusive, the games have to have been on a Nintendo console previously or at least associated with one. We’re also excluding handheld ports and only picking one game (or sub-series) within a franchise, unless they are specifically linked together in some manner. So you won’t be seeing both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword on the list.

10. The Last Story

Do you remember when Mistwalker was at the top of their game? Some would argue they’re currently there right now considering Terra Battle has done surprisingly well for them, but we’re talking when they created AAA grade epics such as Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and The Last Story. While the former two were published by Microsoft for Xbox 360, Mistwalker teamed up with Nintendo to release the latter RPG on the Wii. The results were generally positive, with entertaining gameplay that was marred by a reduction in exploration and middling storytelling. Regardless, it came from the industry’s finest developers and was on the last major Wii exclusives before the Wii U was released to the public a couple months later. There is a multiplayer component to the original release, which will probably be the biggest factor into a The Last Story remaster never seeing the light of day, but considering the Switch’s growing online gaming variety, there’s always a chance. It’s not the most desired RPG we’d love to see remastered on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s up there.

9. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Speaking of fantastic Wii titles, while our pink little hero has become more synonymous with handheld devices, there is one game that deserves a revisit: Kirby’s Epic Yarn. We’ve only received a handful of home console releases over the last twenty years, and while we’d love to see remasters of the somewhat off kilter titles such as Crystal Shards and Air Ride, it’s Epic Yarn that really revitalized the series. Having our adorable little plush creature with an eating disorder in a completely new setting with completely new mechanics was a refreshing change of pace that no one expected would be not only so charming, but surprisingly good. Considering the Switch features similar motion controls to the Wii, Epic Yarn would fit in perfectly, at least for those playing it docked or on its stand. We pondered between this and Yoshi’s Woolly World, but considering the upcoming Switch Yoshi game has a similar aesthetic, we decided to go with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. How the next installment, Star Allies, will hold up is still to be determined when it hits the Nintendo Switch in March, but after that, we hope Nintendo will consider bringing the best (console) Kirby game since Super Star.

8. Mass Effect

Let’s be honest: a new Mass Effect game isn’t coming out anytime soon. After the dud that was Andromeda, EA Games has essentially put the space opera on ice, and rightfully so because we really don’t want to look at what the series has become. At the same time, this seems like a perfect opportunity for the colossal publisher to save face (at least some) and remind us what made the series so great. While it never really was associated with the Nintendo brand, Mass Effect 3 was still a launch title for the Wii U, so it does technically meet our requirements. Granted, EA Games’ support for the platform has been pretty lacking to say the least, but with growing interest from game publishers, they’re likely to jump on board. Just imagine having a proper portable experience with Commander Shepard as we interact with some of our favorite characters and save the galaxy a few times. Unfortunately, this will more than likely be a trump card whenever (or if ever) EA Games brings back the series, be it next generation or the following, but still, we’d love to go back and revisit the sci-fi trilogy on a portable device.

7. Metroid Prime

We all know Metroid Prime 4 was announced back at E3 2017, but it’s probably still far away from release. While we hope Nintendo can achieve a 2018 release for the highly-anticipated sequel, it still feels like fleeting dream at this point. With that in mind, it would seem Nintendo would be in a prime position to re-release the beloved trilogy on the Nintendo Switch. This would not only help drive hype for the upcoming fourth installment, but introduce a whole new generation of fantastic shooters. The original two games were released on the Gamecube with the third installment coming to the Wii, all of which were high regarded, and arguably the best shooter (sub)series on a Nintendo platform. Sure, the original releases are some of the best action platformers, but for now we’ll probably have to wait well past Metroid Prime 4’s release before we get a traditional throwback like the Nintendo 3DS received last year in Samus Returns. If Nintendo is already investing in a fourth installment, remastering the first three titles of Metroid Prime seems like the right move, especially if they can get it out in time. It certainly would help wash away the taste of Metroid Prime: Federation Force out of our mouths. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

6. Resident Evil / Resident Evil 0 / Resident Evil 4

Capcom is already supporting the Nintendo Switch with Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers and Resident Evil Revelations Collection, so what’s more suitable than porting the trio of games that were originally exclusive to the Gamecube? Considering Capcom has already done the work to bring the original Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 to a new set of platforms, it would only make sense they would also find their way onto Nintendo’s latest system. It’s surprising Capcom hasn’t already announced this considering we already passed the 15th anniversary for both Remake and Zero, but regardless, having both horror games on the go would be a compelling proposition. Now, we’re not bringing up Resident Evil 4 too much only because, unlike the other two, Leon’s adventure has been ported to every system under the sun since the Nintendo deal ran up. It’s not something that’s a necessity, but it would be a nice throwback to those who grew up during the Gamecube era. These three games would benefit from being brought over.

5. TimeSplitters

Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be a Switch exclusive (heck, it’s basically guaranteed it wouldn’t be if it actually happened) but TimeSplitters really needs to come back. Despite the first game being a PlayStation 2 exclusive, the comical shooter went on to receive two multi-platform releases that are beloved by fans across the world. They included well-designed levels that spanned across time and some of the more comical scenarios imaginable. In a time of overly-realistic shooters, this would be a refreshing change of pace. While the vast majority of key individuals from Free Radical are now scattered, that shouldn’t stop a remaster of the three games from happening. Unfortunately, Crytek still has the license and the likelihood they’ll do anything with it is very low, and it certainly doesn’t help that the CryEngine doesn’t seem the support the Nintendo Switch as of yet. In the off chance the German company does decide to remaster the shooter franchise, it would be a good way to gauge interest in rebooting the unfortunately cancelled fourth installment. Regardless, we’ll be here, ready to open our wallets.

4. Xenoblade Chronicles

Forget Xenoblade Chronicles X, we want the first Xeno game Monolith Soft released under the Nintendo banner. While the franchise has been going on for a long time now, and we’d actually prefer Xenosaga to get a remaster, considering most of the series is associated with the PlayStation brand, we’re going with one of the better singular releases: Xenoblade Chronicles. This sprawling epic is easily the best Wii RPG to date, featuring an intriguing plot and fast, highly-engaging combat. Its world building and litany of fascinating characters only add to the overall experience as you’ll find yourself losing well more than a hundred hours to it. While we were a little disappointed with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, remastering the first game would be a good addition to the Switch’s ever growing catalogue. It’s not a game Nintendo could easily remaster considering the sheer scope of it, but we’d love to revisit one of the best JRPGs in the last seven years. Just release it during a slow period in gaming where you won’t detract from Nintendo’s other titles, because you could easily get lost in the world.

3. Viewtiful Joe

We desperately miss Viewtiful Joe. What exactly happened to our action star?  This loveable little man was a popular figure for Capcom and Clover Studios back in the Gamecube-era, yet he mysteriously vanished and hasn’t properly returned since. He has been seen in last generation games such as Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate All-Stars, but our unlikely hero needs the attention he deserves. Capcom has been banking on nostalgia as of late, remastering and bringing back some of the older games in their catalogue, so there’s no better time than now to see the re-emergence of Viewtiful Joe. Considering this year is Viewtiful Joe’s fifteenth anniversary, it only seems right for Capcom to re-release some of the action packed, 2Dish games (I think we’d survive if Red Hot Rumble didn’t make the cut). Once again taking note from our Resident Evil entry, this could easily be marketed as a Gamecube resurgence for Capcom, re-releasing multiple games they originally signed with Nintendo back in the day. Maybe we’d even see P.N.03 along with them. Although it’s more likely that most people would elect for a Killer7 remaster, instead.

2. Tales of Symphonia

As you can probably tell, there’s a lot of Gamecube games on the list, but if there’s one we desperately want, it’s Tales of Symphonia. This might be a strange request on paper, but the 50+ hour adventure was still one of the best RPGs released on the Gamecube. Heck, it’s still one of the better games in Namco’s massive catalogue of games. It featured a strong cast of characters, addicting gameplay and a surprisingly emotional storyline that remains arguably the highlight of the entire franchise. With its release on Steam in 2016, and Bandai Namco improving upon its technical issues dramatically since then, the JRPG is still somewhat relevant due to the fact the series has been on a somewhat of a skid for the past decade. Sure, despite some issues, Tales of Berseria was still a good game and we’d love for it to come to the platform, but Tales of Symphonia would do well in delivering a sense of nostalgia for those who played it nearly fourteen years ago, not to mention show new fans one of the best entries in a long time. It can feel a little slow in comparison to newer RPGs on the market, but there is so much to love about Llyod Irving’s quest to save not only his friends, but the entire world. Nothing has truly been able to capture the magic of Tales of Symphonia, which makes it a prime candidate to be brought over to Nintendo Switch.

1. Super Mario Galaxy

OK, this is a predictable entry. Basically everyone who owns a Switch and probably plenty who are tempted to buy one want to see a remastered version of Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. Super Mario Odyssey was released late last year, taking the world by storm with its addicting and well-designed worlds. It felt like forever since we received a proper, groundbreaking 3D Super Mario game, and yet Nintendo made it happen within the first year of the Switch’s launch. As much as we would have loved to include Super Mario Sunshine on the list, considering Odyssey feels like a more realized version of the sixteen-year-old release, we elected to go down another path. Well, that and Galaxy is way better. With no new Super Mario in sight for a little while, this is a prime opportunity to bring back one of the best two 3D platformers of our time. They are timeless releases, both in artistic and game design. There are just no other games we’d rather replay than the two Super Mario Galaxy titles, and with Nintendo already remastering multiple games in one package such as Bayonetta, there’s no excuse for them not to do this. It doesn’t seem like a difficult move on Nintendo’s part, nor one that would require a large investment. It seems like a low risk, high reward situation, so make it happen, Nintendo.