Indie RPG ‘Monster Crown’ Shows Off Debut Trailer

Fans of monster collecting and training titles will be happy to know a throwback to old school role-playing games is in development. Monster Crown, started by Crowns Team in 2016, is in very early stages but already has much going for it. There are many bits and pieces from past games in the monster-collecting genre to see what inspired Monster Crown. Pokémon, Azure Dreams, Dragon Warrior are just a few examples.

In Monster Crown, players will encounter hundreds of monsters. Breed them with others in order to discover new creatures as there are countless combinations. Various worlds and locations are to be explored with your companion by your side. There is also a dark storyline that unfolds with plenty of secrets. Online trading and battling will be implemented as well. Charming retro music and artwork designs for monsters and their world transports you back to playing these classic types of games from your childhood.

View the trailer and screenshots below for more detail. While Monster Crown is inspired by previous video games, this is not a clone and is poised to stand out. It’s actually a fun, nostalgic trip just to see Monster Crown in development. Follow the game’s progress via Facebook and Twitter, then check back here for any further updates.