SWERY Announces New Game with Arc System Works ‘The Missing’

Hidetaka Suehiro — more commonly known to his fans as SWERY or Swery65 — is one of our personal favorite game directors in the business. Creating cult classics like Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, SWERY is one of the view people in the video game industry that can be considered an auteur. After taking a quick break from the industry for health related reasons in 2015 and departing Access Games in 2016, SWERY is back and has today announced a new game.

Called “The Missing,” SWERY explains in the video seen below that The Missing is a game for anybody who has ever felt lost in their life. A collaboration between Arc System Works and White Owls, the game marks the first game developed in-house at SWERY’s new development studio White Owls, giving him complete creative control.

Not much has yet been revealed about the title, but SWERY is confident that it is “sick” and will “blow your mind.” It should be noted that the game is different than SWERY’s other game in development, The Good Life, announced late last year.

Check out the announcement video below: