GoNNER and Deadlight Highlight Fanatacal’s Indie Legends 7 Bundle

Fanatical brings some great deals from time to time, but this new bundle focusing on indie hits is one of its best in quite some time. The Indie Legends 7 bundle offers up eight games for a mere $3.49. For less than the cost of a coffee at a chain, you can get Deadlight, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, GoNNER, Replica, The Count Lucanor, Bad Dream: Coma, Mad Games Tycoon, and Barony. This is a fairly diverse bundle, with a mix of action, strategy, and shooting mixed in. GoNNER is easily the star of the show here, and for $3.49, it’s a no-brainer if you’re even remotely interested in the game. Deadlight is also a fantastic value here and offers up a blend of horror and platforming with a cinematic touch.