Time is Still Open to Register for Ultra Sinnoh Classic Online Competition

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are holding the next online competition and it’s all about the Sinnoh region! Back in Gen IV, we were introduced to all kinds of new Pokémon and evolutions for old ones. Some of whom are still massively popular to this day, especially for competitive battling. Show off your skills in this upcoming Ultra Sinnoh Classic.

Registrations have been open for a few days but ends on February 22. Trainers may only use Pokémon that appear in the Sinnoh region Pokédex as long as you can find them around Alola or transfer from previous titles. Some Legendary Pokémon are excluded as well as all Mythical Pokémon. But there are some fierce individuals such as Garchomp, Luxray and Rampardos to use. Participants receive 50 Battle Points should they qualify.

The actual battling begins February 23 and finishes on February 25. Sign-up now to reserve your spot and prepare for some epic showdowns.