Battlefield 1: Apocalypse Available Now for Premium Pass Holders

The final expansion pack for Battlefield 1, Apocalypse, is available now for Premium Pass holders.

It has been a long and winding road for Battlefield 1, but the final expansion pack is finally available for play. Apocalypse transports players to the hellish landscapes of World War I’s most infamous fighting grounds. While the game is as visually stunning as ever, the maps were designed to depict in detail the horrors of war.

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse launches with five new maps. Three take place on the ground with Allied and Central Power forces clashing in a desperate struggle for victory. The other two maps focus on aerial combat for the new aerial game mode, Air Assault:

  • Passchendaele – Once the quiet countryside of Belgium, now a nightmarish landscape of blood and mud. Claw your way across the devastated landscape and huddle for cover in dugouts and tattered ruins.
  • Caporetto – Fight in mountain trenches near the Isonzo River as the Austro-Hungarians face off with the Italian army in an uphill climb.
  • River Somme – The scenic wheat fields by the Somme river transform into hell on earth from devastating artillery barrages.
  • Razor’s Edge – Engage in frantic dogfights among snowy peaks, as British and German aces fight for control on this intense map.
  • London Calling – With your fellow knights of the sky, join the aerial clashes high above the British capital in the new Air Assault game mode.

In addition to the new maps, there are new weapons to unlock, service assignments to complete, and new vehicles to hop in. There’s plenty to see and do in Battlefield 1’s final expansion.

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse is out now for Premium Pass holders on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll launch standalone in a few weeks.