Way of the Passive Fist Calmly Smashes Out in March

We’ve talked about Household Games’ arcade throwback brawler Way of the Passive Fist before in our preview, praising its unique approach to combat by utilizing a defensive approach that rewards proper timing. It’s the type of gameplay that we want to see more of, and thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer with announcement that the game will now be coming out in early March, as you can see in the colorful, energetic announcement trailer below.

Playing as the mysterious Wanderer that takes on the threats in an alien apocalyptic wasteland, players have to parry, dash and block attacks at just the right time, tiring their opponent out until they can be beaten with a single push or a burst of energy for the tougher foes. The game will also not only feature highly customizable difficulty settings, but also allows players to remap the controls for one-handed play and has settings for the visually impaired and those sensitive to flashing lights, ensuring this chaotic beat-’em-up is accessible to nearly everyone. Way of the Passive Fist will be out on March 6 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and looks to hopefully do its inspirations justice.