AbleGamers Announces Winners for All-Expense Paid Trip to Train Jam, GDC

Today disability charity AbleGamers announced the winners for their annual Train Jam sponsorship. Train Jam is just as much a part of GDC as the main event, with game developers worldwide getting together to embark on the trip across the states towards GDC 2018.

The partnership between AbleGamers and Train Jam has created opportunities for those with disabilities who are up-and-coming developers to lend voice and critique to game development and how to include anyone who wants to play games.

The three winners of AbleGamers’ drawing are Harrison Isadore Barton specializing in storytelling, character diversity and portrayal of themes such as activism. Rae Michelle Richards, a veteran game journalist, who also has worked on multiple self-funded games. And Jade Hall-Smith a student who designs games bringing awareness around disabilities and mental health.

Train Jam 2018 begins its annual journey March 15 in Chicago ending March 17 in San Francisco, followed by GDC running March 19 to the 23. Check out the video below to learn more about the winners, AbleGamers and what they are doing to bring voice to those with disability: