Broly and Bardock are Arriving on Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Legendary Super Saiyan, and instinctual hater of Goku, Broly is joining the fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ as an initial DLC character. Tagging along with Goku’s father, Bardock, in this first wave of DLC character releases, the muscular and imposing Broly and rebellious Bardock are looking fully realized for their appearances in the 3-on-3 fighter. It’s not entirely clear just yet what sort of characters Broly and Bardock will be, but needless to say, they’re looking very beefy. We’ve yet to see entirely slow characters in FighterZ — if anything¬†due to the type of fighter it is — so no expecting Broly’s size to have anything to do with his speed and maneuverability. As for Bardock, that one’s up in the air. Main character Goku’s father is unlikely to be much like his son — nor any of his son’s in-game clones. Here’s hoping Bardock is a bit of something new to shake things up for fans and enthusiasts. For those not so familiar with the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, Broly’s popularity went up in his appearances in Dragon Ball film side-stories, outside the main series. He’s known for his incredible power at the time he appeared, and as a being predating series main character Goku’s own transformation into a whole new realm of power — the Super Saiyan form. Likewise, Bardock’s involvement in the stories is also outside the main story, having never really met his own son while playing a Jor-El sort of role, but his status as a character fans respect and enjoy kept him perfectly relevant enough.

See the very short teasers for Broly and Bardock below. Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.