Panic Button Teases Future Ports for Switch

Panic Button have quickly become a fairly well-known name for anyone who closely follows the schedule as much the increasing library of games for the Nintendo Switch. And the studio who helped port both Rocket League and DOOM — with Wolfenstein II just on the horizon and expecting to release sometime this Spring — in an interview with Gamasutra, via the company’s director of development, Adam Creighton, has teased that it’s just the beginning of what looks to be a busy upcoming period for the studio.

“We might have some other titles for [Switch], and maybe some other games for other platforms, in the works,” Creighton explains. “My biggest challenge lately is not which projects do we pick to retarget to other platforms, but managing the other parts of our portfolio, picking the different projects that are exciting to different people in the studio, and being responsible about what I want to work on, versus what is best for the studio…in the games we have published we’ve seen more sales on Switch than on PS4 and Xbox One combined during the same period. Now every developer wants their game to be on the Switch.”

Granted, the increase in demand for ports isn’t strictly limited to the Switch with the rise in mobile devices providing another viable platform for developer’s games to be ported to, as well as the [albeit limited] Mac market with games ported to support Apple’s own devices. We’ll have to wait and see what else Panic Button have in store, but in truth, let’s hope the Switch can find a healthy balance between new and previously-released software.