Supergonk Enter the Futuristic Fray with Co-Operative Racer Trailblazers

It’s safe to say that while the big names haven’t yet ventured back into the field of futuristic racers, the independent community of developers and publishers have been more than happy to fill in the gap left by the absence of new entries in Wipeout & F-Zero alike. But not only are developers Supergonk — together with publisher Rising Star Games — the next name to enter throw their figurative hat into the ring, they just might be bringing an interesting spin on the sub-genre while they’re at it.

Trailblazers may not look like your atypical anti-grav racer, but the catch here — on top of it being a co-operative, 3v3 form of racing across dynamically-changing tracks — is how the co-operative nature of its gameplay feeds back into the actual racing. As you race around the tracks, your car can leave a team color-based slick on the ground which, for the next member of the team, serves as a boost pad of sorts. Thus, encouraging players to think strategically to not only add a would-be boost area, but for the opponent team, cover it over with their own color. It’s no surprise that people are already drawing comparisons to a game like Splatoon primarily for its territorial-like mechanics.

Check out the game’s official announcement trailer below to see its team-based racing in action and be on the look out for Trailblazers when it releases for PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC this Spring.