’70s Italian Action Game Milanoir Headed for Switch

As seen from our preview at E3 last year, Good Shepherd and developers Italo Games made quite the impression on us with Milanoir, an action game inspired by classic Italian crime films of days past. But as this is a game that can be classified as a retro top-down twin-stick shooter, it should be no surprise that the game would eventually be headed to the Nintendo Switch like so many others of its kind, as announced via the trailer below.

What is surprising, though, is that the game has now been designed with the Switch’s abilities in mind, now allowing for local co-op play on one console via the built-in Joy-Con controllers, allowing two players to team up on a rampage through Milan in pursuit of the man who framed you. In fact, the wording now seems to suggest that Milanoir may be coming to the Switch first in early 2018, and coming to PC and other consoles later in the year. But whatever your perference, it still looks like a thrilling romp indeed, so make sure to keep an eye out for the game.