Double Kick Heroes Shreds Its Way Into Early Access on April 11

A short while ago, Headbang Club revealed some new music for their upcoming rhythm/shooter hybrid, Double Kick Heroes, along with word that they would be making a major announcement soon. And it looks like we didn’t have to wait long for said announcement, as it was revealed that the metal-infused game will be heading into Early Access in April, as revealed in the grindhouse-styled trailer that you can view below.

Controlling five metalheads attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse, the game sees you driving them around in their “Gundillac,” blowing away the various hordes chasing them by using the power of rock and a ton of ammunition. The game will start out with eighteen metal songs courtesy of Elmobo, with thirty to be in the finished game, and will players to import their own music, edit songs, and play tracks designed by the community. It looks like an absolute blast of adrenaline and a unique, intense rhythm game overall, so don’t miss Double Kick heroes when it hits Early Access on April 11.